Telepathic High Five

by Cursed Arrows

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"Run Forever comes out swinging like an underdog heavyweight fighter, knowing there is only one chance to grab the spotlight and like Little Mac they shock us all and connect square on the jaw. "
~Herohill (Canada)

"Cursed Arrows deliver a dense serving of post-grunge that hits hard but also pleases with boy/girl harmonies and strong melodies. Over 10 songs, the husband/wife duo run through a score of early 90s reference points – a hint of Pixies, a dash of Melvins, a heavy dollop of Nirvana – but sound surprisingly fresh in the process. Alternating between beautifully sinister power chords and nuanced rhythm patterns, the album squeezes ample variety from just two instruments. The title track, for instance, crams more riffs into four and a half minutes than can be reasonably counted."
~NOW Magazine (Canada)

"A name tweak and a shot of adrenaline are welcome in the second offering from one of Canada's best fresh rock bands. Telepathic High Five finds Guelph's thunderous twosome adding "Cursed" to the formerly lonesome "Arrows" of their moniker, likewise expanding their sound into a more sprawling, grinding, exploratory beast. Sludgy slabs of dissonant, augmented power chords lead a blazing charge of pummelling drum work and vocal harmonies threatening to tear with passion with each climax. Even in tender moments like swinging pseudo-power ballad "Deep Wounds" there's a fierce urgency and refusal to play it safe in the band's entire delivery that make them eminently engaging. To try to define this music as post-rock, progressive grunge, new wave grind punk or something similarly ridiculous and loosely compartmentalizing is missing the point. Telepathic High Five is evolved rock music demonstrating the restless spirit of artists who take their message as seriously as the rest of their craft, and that's a recipe for timeless songwriting. Highly recommended rock with brains, balls and ovaries."
~Exclaim! (Canada)

"Yet another male/female two-piece with driving, blues-leaning tunes. It’s hard to fault anyone for thinking that when listening to Telepathic High Five, the latest from Cursed Arrows. After all, the opening track, “Run Forever”, manages to encompass the stoned-groove of Z-era My Morning Jacket with the legitimate fury of the White Stripes, while still adding a remarkably adept coat of Canadian paint on. The track clocks in at over six minutes, and the intense wall of noise doesn’t stop of there. Sure, there aren’t heaps of melodies on Telepathic High Five, but what Jackie and Ryan Stanley lose on melody they make up for with dirty, sprawling jams that sound a lot louder than you’d think two people might."
~Popmatters (US)

"If you were into Dennis Thompson of the MC5, you're going to fall head-over-heels in love with Jackie Stanley because she schools his ass. It's like that old school Detroit rock where everybody got jazz, blues, and R&B tutelage and then went and joined garage bands (thus fostering the punk and metal yet to come). This woman is drumming all the drum parts that we all wished Dave Grohl had been doing for the past decade, plain and fucking simple."
~Sound Design and Assembly (US)

"Imagine a marvelous song structure combination between Nirvana and The Melvins, the stoney trips of The Flaming Lips, the heaviness of Black Sabbath, the voice of legendary Wendy O. Williams mutated with the L7 lead singer Donita Sparks, powerful, groovy drumming & scratchy, phenomenal, well executed guitar riffs that will get stuck in your mind & you get Cursed Arrows, as simple as that kids, watch out White Stripes there's a new duo in town & they will take your throne."
~Heavy Stoned and Doomed (Puerto Rico)

"Telepathic High Five is an intricate record; I find it difficult to even try to classify their sound; I would say something like post-grunge with suggestions of punk rock albeit it really doesn’t matter, the album is an artsy work of genius. The record consists of 10 tracks that are full of tricky lyrics, complex melodies, and most importantly passion. The words on the opening track “Run Forever” are captivating and intelligent – add to that the ferocious drums and engaging guitar riffs and you have a great rock & roll song that grabs one’s attention instantly. The songs on this record are moody and sinister and while Cursed Arrows is fearless and unbending in their exertion there is also a seriousness about the band that noticeably shows they really value the work they do."
~Delusions of Adequacy (US)


released December 1, 2009

All songs by Cursed Arrows 2009 SOCAN
(except bonus tracks)

Ryan Stanley - Guitar, Vocals
Jackie Stanley - Drums, Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Cursed Arrows 2009.
Mastered by Ryan Mills.



all rights reserved


Cursed Arrows

Cursed Arrows has always been Ryan and Jack E Stanley - a man, a woman, and their songs. As honest and uncompromising as love itself.

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Track Name: Run Forever
i don't want to be a part
i don't want to play along
spin your own sticky web
turn the wheels for yourself
build your own private hell
then you'll know how they live

there will be nothing left
you collapse all the nets
that have kept us safe

they'll always tell you what's right
comes down to will and to might
or you can run forever
would you rather catch all their stares
and know you're right
or hide in plain sight?

run forever

sell your countries
leave the poor
to eat the fish frames
blood of lambs
guns for grapes
smell the factory
from the highway

the stronger own the world
Track Name: Telepathic High Five
make lists for keeps
and bury them
ochre is not
what a dragon wins

i hear your thoughts
lined in neat rows
i hear your thoughts
like a black rose

telepathic high five

i hear your thoughts
when the sun sets
i hear your thoughts
wait for my signal

where are you now?
i can't see...
where are you now?
i can't see...

crowds of despots
with golden clocks
make lists for keeps
and bury them
Track Name: Earthlings
are these smoke dreams?
feet are sinking
are these smoke dreams?
feet are sinking

we are earthlings
bugs on a windshield
chains on a bear
tree branches shake
and drop caterpillars
into the grass
ants in your picnic
bees in your hair
squirrel on a powerline
a deer's reflective eyes
a black swan
Track Name: Deep Wound
her mind on a tightrope
no hand outstretched
and waiting on the other end
in time the child becomes the parent
and unties
wings of words never broken

your life, smoke and mirrors
unkind and unspooling
more each passing year
in time the child becomes the parent
and unties
wings of words never spoken

don't open old wounds up
or you will find news ones
don't open old wounds up
or you will find new ones

putting the pieces together
she burns what's left
of how she could have made amends
those times were so long ago
we try to be better than they were

all my deep wounds...
Track Name: Gate Crasher
i'm on a permanent list
proverbial list
sheep herders
gate crashers
find the clover
deploy the masses

commitment only lasts
as long as you see
some benefit to yourself
to yourself
to yourself

is not a testament
to your actions
when you never act
but only say that you will

maybe your horoscope was right

maybe your horoscope was right
your commitment is over-sized
sit in the bedroom
walls of maple leaves
wind disguising
the sound of industry
Track Name: Poisonbelly
who put this poison in my belly?
a twisted knife indemnified
your plastic mask grin has broken
a force of nature with the
stroke of a pen

if that won't stop you
nothing's going to
if that won't stop you
no one's going to

how long can consequence evade you?
one more to throw atop the pile
you ruin everything that's simple
your work will rise again
to swallow you whole

purely adrenal
trapped in a horror-show
lay waste to pleasantries
burned at both ends

what will it take to change your thinking?
insist that nothing will suffice
allay your fears by simplifying
the devil isn't there if you don't see him
Track Name: Chop You Up
winter's coming
but the leaves aren't falling
i've got a problem with living
a static existence

your murderous overtures
against my person

our weight is too great
for the bridge
that we're walking all over

the nasty man in black
will come and chop you up
the nasty man in black
will come and chop you up

the nasty man in black will come
he'll come and chop and chop you up

you sell yourself when you're alive
when you're dead they sell your estate
Track Name: Deconstruction
no matter how far
you drive from the city
you can't leave the belly of it
this indefinite game
contempt and restraint

how can you say that
when construction as already begun?

the less attention
that you pay, the better
virtuoso planning of
the shifters of blame
so spiteful and plain

there's a hole in this fabric
we're weaving
there's a hole

our voices turning into blood...

there's so little left to take
there's so little left to take
we're all going to drown
we're all going to drown
Track Name: Superspecies
close to insane
eating fossils, she said
hands in the soil
let those glassy facades crack

he asked her what she would do
"it's simple"
all of these nonsense ideas
about machines
scrape them off my feet

we don't have any friends...

we are all farmers
we have something in common
we are all farmers
we have something in common
"i lead a resistance," she said
we have something in common

resistance to subsistence farming

she asked him, "would you sell?"
and he laughed
partnership of species
"they're my friends!
how could any man exploit his friends?"
Track Name: Oubliette
you left such a legacy
broken piggy banks
and broken teeth
so many nights
slept in jail
but it's not like
you weren't drunk anyway

then you'll see
then you'll see
then you'll see
then you'll see

your brown chevrolet
smashed up once again
no more drives to the liquor factory
all your cassettes got towed and
these scars won't fade

grow old and fade into the walls

you beat up your wife
and laid a hand on your child
when you got sick
nobody noticed
because you left
such a fucking legacy