Knives Are Falling From The Sky

by Cursed Arrows

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"Beefy, sludgy guitars that not so subtly allude to Nirvana at its messiest or Sebadoh at its most stoned."
~Aversion (US)

"Bombastic, dark rock."
~ Delusions of Adequacy (US)

"A sound that effectively marries Lightning Dust with The Melvins...valiant attempt at a post-grunge masterpiece."
~ Eye Weekly (Canada)

"Arrows’ slightly warped, toweringly passionate rock has roots in the folk and punk leanings of Pavement and Nirvana, even extending towards the dynamic classical progressions of Mew, in places. Ryan’s guitar playing is full-bodied and harmonically inventive, filling the speakers with thunderous power chords or deft picking patterns that capably cover the absent bass space. Jackie is a powerhouse on the kit, choosing her parts supportively while maintaining a stomping intensity to match the vigour of the duo’s poetic, socially reflective lyrical sentiments. Constant harmonies keep the songs sounding full and the raw, self-recorded production seems suitable for this adept opening volley from these indie rock revolutionaries."
~Exclaim! (Canada)

"Arrows’ debut Knives Are Falling From the Sky is self-recorded; the music weaves eloquently between folk, punk, and boisterous, early-’90s rock. Every track on the album delivers a story of disillusioned reality, a couple struggling to understand the world they live in. The title tune, a song about the disappearance of the Niagara Escarpment, has Ryan playing a rhythmic guitar part, with Jackie providing a dramatic and steady beat. The pair harmonize “If we keep our eyes closed, they’ll never find us,” commenting on ignorance about urbanization. It’s a sound that Pavement fans would appreciate. My personal favourite is “Coat of Arms”: sounding like early Dinosaur Jr., it moves from rock to bouncy pop, ending with a sudden change in the rhythm."
~Mondo Magazine (Canada)

"The record - Knives are Falling From the Sky - is a collection of sludgy, heavy guitars, well placed breakdowns and big drums...It's the type of sounds we heard a lot of in the 90's, but unless you look at all the reunion tours going on these days, the heavy noise filled tracks are not very common. Here in Time could have made an appearance on countless mix tapes from the 90's (or maybe a Hey Mercedes record), but the tracks don't sound dated or forced."
~Herohill (Canada)

"...punchy rock and roll. Somewhat following in the footsteps of everyone’s favorite rock duo The White Stripes...And dare I say they give the Stripes a run for their money."
~The Red Alert (US)

"Stark, emotion-drenched post-punk."
~ Within Earshot


released October 1, 2007

All songs by Cursed Arrows 2007 SOCAN

Ryan Stanley - Guitar, Vocals
Jackie Stanley - Drums, Vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cursed Arrows, 2007.



all rights reserved


Cursed Arrows

Cursed Arrows has always been Ryan and Jack E Stanley - a man, a woman, and their songs. As honest and uncompromising as love itself.

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Track Name: Here In Time
i cut my hair to watch it fall
i had no fear
i spent the day in the sun

i never thought the day would come
when tides would be turning

goldfish swim circles in my head
they're always there
they leave their memories behind

we'll never get out of here in time
we'll never get out...

i spent the night on the floor
so solitary
i woke with thoughts of you

the curtain's drawn, the lights are out
we're unprepared
once more our arms lead the race
Track Name: Caged Warning
smoke stacks breathe inside your head
far from home, close in hand
bait them to the waiting gate
all roads lead to the water

caged warning in the darkest mine
first in, last to survive
anchor your pennyweights
ankle-deep in subjection

this fog will clear...

clouds part, the sky overhead
signals a sweltering tide
open the guilded gates
let the roads flood with water
Track Name: Creaky Pipes
i saw an old man
pushing a gurney
outside a funeral home
and it was empty

pipe the water in
pipe the water in
truck the water in
truck the water in
from out of town
pipe the water in
pipe the water in

speckled mushroom caps
lie severed on the lawn
the smell of poison
foretold by a sign

the pipes creak and shake...
Track Name: Into The Cold Quiet
when the ship and the plane
depart the coast settles
thankfully into the cold quiet
as seasons pass

when we're home the cat knows
when storms approach the cat knows
when it hurts the cat knows
when we're at fault the cat knows

what then, will follow?
Track Name: With Diligence
he can't fight them
he won't fight them
until they're gone
their will is strong
their ties and bonds
too tight to break

all the years of
work and pain
in an instant
get taken away

it won't catch on
your words will fall
upon deaf ears
he makes amends
with diligence

their lies run deep
they're sound asleep
behind the gates
it bends and breaks
you've raised the stakes
this is a losing game
Track Name: Weak Little Sickling
you act entitled
but i won't participate
it's not me not me not me not me

a bent bow
a bent bow
pulls back on its own
archer's hand
archer's hand

you want me to say yes
but i'm not nihilistic
that's not me not me not me not me

it's not me
it's not me

you expect perfection
but i'm in another place
i'm not here not here not here not here not here

i'm not here
i'm not here
Track Name: Coat Of Arms
you thought you saw a reflection
but turned to find i was gone

coat of arms
coat of arms

your tired eyes look so forlorn
my hands have never been so cold
your socks are grey as the concrete
my mind's made up
i won't look back

you know i won't let them get you
we'll hide together in this cold
Track Name: Atoms Remind Us
this place has stood here for so long
decades of fires burning inside and out
it's been a factory
the shuffling feet on the stone floors
echoes of motors and
the grinding chains working on their own

tunnel underground
lover meet there

this place has stood here for so long
decades of fires burning inside and out
damp and crumbling walls
a skeleton beneath the windswept street
broken bottles, empty lots
and piles of refuse are what's left

the air's not clean, but we still breathe
atoms remind us...
Track Name: Moths
so we've found a new planet
and we're all going to live there
the gravity's but i'm sure we'll
get used to it
pack up your clothes and say
goodbye to your family
there is no other way

moths in a circle
and they tell me to follow
the air in this room
is so hard to breathe
how can i go to the light
if i don't
believe that it's real

and in a dream
we would be here
every day
under the willows
walk across the river
in bare feet
step lightly

in through the out door
revolving and unending
eat what you're given
and do what you're told
invest in a future so
there is no time left
for you to grow old
Track Name: Knives Are Falling From The Sky
a frame of mind
that's lost in time
on an escarpment
just standing there
you felt their fear
you felt the woods speak
on their own

if we keep our eyes closed
they'll never find us

the wind calls out
don't leave me now
there's nothing left here
the path was worn
right through the stone
this time you're out here
on your own

knives are falling from the sky...

the pines will weep
the highway bellows
deep in the night
the darkest light
sings oh so quietly
on their own
Track Name: The Accusation
this is a mistake
this was not
done by my hand
the accusation was not
sincere or planned

with his teeth bared
anxiously waits
for the end
with his teeth clenched
closed eyes
nervous legs

how did it come to this?
pouring rain
broken fist
the accusation was not
sincere or planned...

there's a light ahead
at the foot of a hill
and i hope that
it takes me home
and i hope
you're there